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Micron Technology M29F800FB5 Series  NOR Flash Memory, M29F800FB5AN6F2, 8M, 1M x 8 bit/512k x 16 bit, 4,5 V, TSOP, 48 Pins,  1500 Reel

ManufacturerMicron Technology
Harm Code8542.39.00

Product Description

This description applies specifically to the M29F 16Mb (2 Meg x 8 or 1 Meg x 16) nonvo-latile memory device, but also applies to lower densities. The device enables READ,ERASE, and PROGRAM operations using a single, low-voltage (4.5–5.5V ) supply. On
power-up, the device defaults to read mode and can be read in the same way as a ROMor EPROM.The device is divided into blocks that can be erased independently, preserving valid da-ta while old data is erased. Each block can be protected independently to prevent acci-dental PROGRAM or ERASE operations from modifying the memory. PROGRAM andERASE commands are written to the command interface. An on-chip program/erasecontroller simplifies the process of programming or erasing the device by managing theoperations required to update the memory contents.The end of a PROGRAM or ERASE operation can be detected and any error conditionsidentified. The command set required to control the memory is consistent with JEDECstandards.The blocks are asymmetrically arranged. The first or last 64KB have been divided intofour additional blocks. The 16KB boot block can be used for small initialization code tostart the microprocessor. The two 8KB parameter blocks can be used for parameterstorage. The remaining 32KB is a small main block where the application may be stored.CE#, OE#, and WE# control the bus operation of the memory. They enable simple con-nection to most microprocessors, often without additional logic. Devices are offered in48-pin TSOP (12mm x 20mm) and 44-pin small-outline packages. The device is sup-plied with all the bits erased (set to 1).

Technical Specifications

Product TypeNOR Flash Memory
Series M29F800
Memory Organization 1M x 8 bit/512 x 16 bit
Supply Voltage 4,5 -5,5V
Package Type TSOP
Maximum Random Access Time 55 ns
Number of Pins 48
Technology Flash - NOR
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 °C
Dimensions 18.40 x 12.00 x 20 mm
Application Industrial
Package Quantity 1500 Reel
Standards MetRoHS Compliant

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