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About us

Karl Kruse GmbH & CO KG  -  well known worldwide

Karl Kruse is a distributor of Electronic Components. Whether you are in need of electromechanical devices, passives, semiconductors, or interconnect products, we can help you find the electronic components and parts you need for your production.

We are an innovative company who is dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to develop and produce solutions that reduce your cost.

With innovativeness, a clear commitment to quality, and extensive technological expertise we work side by side with our customers along the entire value-creation chain,supporting them as an expert partner in development and solution creation.

Offering a full range of supply chain solutions, Karl Kruse show you how we can save you time and money through services including:

Component Life-Cylcle-Management

Cost Redcution Services

Electronic Component Distribution

Excess Inventory Solutions

Inventory Asset Management

Obsolescence Management

Shortage Mitigation Support